NS International will do everything in its power to ensure that train journeys run on time and as smoothly as possible. Nevertheless, it can sometimes happen that you want to request compensation for your customer. This can be done in two cases:

  • In the event of delay
  • In the event of a negative travel experience

In the event of delay

In the event of delay, the customer can ask for a refund after the trip. This can be done without intervention of the agent. In this case, the refund will be deposited directly into your customer's account.

Do you, as an agent, want to handle this for your client?
Then fill out the Agent's Complaint Form. In this case, the settlement will take place via the monthly invoice.

Agent's complaint form

Make sure you fill in all fields marked with * on the form. Only then, will you see the following text after clicking 'Submit' and the request has been sent; 'Thank you for your question or comment. One of our employees will contact you as soon as possible.

Please note! If your customer has not travelled due to delay/failure, as an agent, you request the refund via the refund form.

In the event of a negative travel experience

If your customer has a complaint about the train journey, you, as an agent, can submit the complaint digitally via the Agent's Complaint Form.

The NS Service Center aims to process the request within three weeks after receiving the form. You will receive a response as soon as your request has been processed.

If applicable, the NS Service Centre will ask you to send the original (paper ATB) tickets + any other supporting documents by post to the following address:

NS International Service Center Backoffice
Postbus 2552
3500 GN Utrecht