Thalys luggage policy

Travelling with luggage

With your Thalys ticket you may not bring more than:

  • 2 items of luggage with dimension: max. 75 x 53 x 30 cm
  • 1 item of hand luggage
  • There is no weight limit but you do need to be able to carry the luggage yourself

For security reasons it is prohibited to block the aisles and doors of the train with luggage or to secure them (with rope or locks) to the train.

When travelling with a child you may bring a stroller on board for free beside the above-mentioned items. The stroller must be folded before entering the train and be stowed in one of the luggage spaces in the carriage where you are seated.

For passengers with impaired mobility and travelling in a wheelchair, click here to find out more about the wheelchairs that are permitted on board the Thalys.

Bringing a bicycle

Because storage space is limited on board, you may only bring a small number of bicycles along which have to comply a number of rules: the two wheels of the bicycle need to be dissembled and inserted into a cover of max 135 x 85 x 30 cm.

When travelling with a bicycle you may not bring more than:

  • 1 item of luggage (dimension: max. 75 x 53 x 30 cm.)
  • 1 bicycle with both wheels dissembled and in a cover of max. 135 x 85 x 30 cm
  • 1 item of hand luggage
  • There is no weight limit but you do need to be able to carry the luggage yourself

Every bicycle that does not adhere to these conditions will be rejected by the Train Manager and will not be permitted on board the train. Everyone travelling with a bicycle must report on the platform 30 minutes before the train’s departure.

Folded up folding bicycles are considered regular luggage when the case they are in does not exceed the maximum dimensions, namely 75 x 53 x 30 cm.

Permitted special luggage on board

Certain objects that are bigger than regular luggage may be taken on board. Find out whether your luggage is permitted on board by reading the section Not permitted luggage or by contacting Customer Services. All special luggage must be carried in a bag no longer than 2 metres.

When travelling with special luggage you may not bring more than:

  • 1 item of luggage (dimension: max. 75 x 53 x 30 cm.)
  • 1 special item of luggage carried in a bag no longer than 2 metres
  • 1 item of hand luggage
  • There is no weight limit but you do need to be able to carry the luggage yourself

Not permitted luggage

  • Luggage that exceeds the permitted volume
  • Luggage that does not comply with the rules described above
  • Luggage that consists of

    Unusual goods
    such as perishable foods that spread an unpleasant odor, or plants.

    Dangerous goods
    knives, firearms, explosives, flammable liquids (petrol, paint, etc.) and all other hazardous (chemical, biological, etc.) products.

    Products intended for trade
    goods whose quantity and/or packaging clearly shows that the ticket for "passengers" is being misused for freight, while transportation should be carried out by a specialised transportation company.

For more information you can consult a more detailed list of prohibited items on board. This list is not complete. When in doubt about an item you can contact Customer Services.

In case of non-compliance with the conditions

If a passenger exceeds the amount of luggage, he may be fined € 30 per item or can be denied to take the luggage on board Thalys. Not any of the items not permitted by Thalys will be allowed on board a Thalys train.

Practical information

To travel with a peace of mind, here are a few tips for transporting your luggage:

  • Use luggage labels
    It is mandatory to label your luggage on board Thalys
  • Stow your luggage easily
    On board our trains there are several places to stow your luggage. For security reasons, you must place your luggage in these spaces. It is prohibited to secure any luggage to the train (with rope or locks).
    - Luggage racks above your seat
    - Free floor space between some chairs that are lined back-to-back
    - Luggage spaces at the end of each carriage for larger suitcases and bags
  • Keep an eye on your luggage
    The luggage stowed on board are your own responsibility. For security reasons, keep them well locked and do not leave them unattended. Make sure you do not forget anything when leaving the train.

Did you know?

There is more luggage space available in the Ski and Sun Thalys. For your trip to the snow, there is extra luggage space available in carriages 6/16, 7/17 and 8/18.

In Ski Thalys passengers from Amsterdam or Brussels with final destination Bourg-Saint-Maurice can place their luggage in a secured area at the front of the train (this area is not accessible during the trip).

In Sun Thalys coolers are considered, as an exception, luggage permitted on board provided that they comply with the luggage regulations.