Youth discount

Europe at your feet

For all spontaneous globetrotters we now have spectacular prices. Go wild and book a train trip to one of our wonderful European cities. Sightseeing or shopping? Everything's possible!

  • Discount for youth 25 years or younger
  • Arrive in the heart of the city
  • Large hip cities or a tour of Europe?
  • Travel Belgium with Thalys starting at € 29 with a youth ticket

Be in Belgium in no time!

Hello summer! Feel the sun on your skin, and look around at the happy faces and full sidewalk cafés. This isn’t weather to sit inside, is it? Well, maybe just a short trip inside the Thalys... and then chill out over the border!

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How to book a ticket

On the homepage of the booking module, fill in a nearby station in the 'from' field. After filling in your arrival station, you will get the option 'adult'. When you click on this, you can select 'youth'.

  • Paris
    From 12 to 17 years
    If you are younger than 18 years you can travel for a special rate. If you are travelling unaccompanied by an adult, you must always be able to show a valid form of identification.

    Minors under 18 years of age
    If you are travelling unaccompanied, you must have written permission from a parent or legal guardian stating you are permitted to travel – and be able to show it upon request.

  • Belgium

    With Thalys to Belgium?

    Thalys to Antwerp and Brussels runs from Amsterdam via Schiphol Airport and Rotterdam to Belgium. Book your tickets with youth discount and travel for less!
    Find tickets Antwerp

    Travelling with the regional train via Maastricht or Roosendaal?

    If you are younger than 26 years, you receive a discount of 30% when travelling in 2nd class. Book online and check your price!

    Travel with Intercity Brussels?

    If you book early and travel during the week you can travel for less with Intercity Brussels. Do you a student OV? Then it can be even cheaper!
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    Shop till you drop in Antwerp

    Stroll through the charming streets or party till late into the night! In this city you will never get bored.
    Find train tickets to Antwerp

    Discover Ghent

    This vibrant student city not only has a rich history but also many great bars, clubs and cafés.
    Find train tickets to Ghent

    Prices Intercity Brussels to Ghent*
    Flex rate Discount on NS route Free travel NS route Flex rate Discount on NS route Free travel NS route
    2e klas 1e klas
    One way € 47,20 € 36,60 € 20,60 € 76,60 € 58,70 € 31,80
    Early bird week € 29,00 -- € 14,50 € 41,00 -- € 20,50
    Early bird weekend € 39,00 -- € 20,00 € 55,00 -- € 27,50

    Are you travelling on your own are you under 18? Then you fall under the responsibility of your parents. A written declaration of responsibility from your parents is mandatory. The train conductor can ask to see it.

  • Germany

    Germany is full of great destinations. There is plenty to choose from for both a city getaway or a longer vacation. Travel to Germany by train and discover it for yourself. There are train tickets available to more than 1,800 German destinations that can be booked online!

    Weekend Berlin?

    Do it! This autumn you can visit Germany's biggest photo festival in Berlin, Club der Visionäre is a café that changes into a techno club at night and that is just the beginning of your night... Viel Spaß. From just € 38 one-way, 2nd class.

    Find train tickets to Berlin

    Cologne is hot

    Autumn: the ideal moment for a city trip to Cologne. Going to Cologne and back in a day is no problem. Vintage shops, alternative cafés. Und tanzen? The night life in Cologne is also booming. Cologne is just as hot and hip as Berlin, but it's a lot closer to home.From just € 19 one-way, 2nd class.

    Find train tickets to Cologne

    Young people travelling alone
    When you are 12 to 14 years old you are allowed to travel on your own and with a 50% discount. If you are older than 15 years you will not receive a discount.

  • Interrail

    Interrail: your train adventure awaits!

    Want to travel for a few days, two weeks or even a month through Europe? Want to meet other travellers? Want to discover Europe at your own pace and make some wonderful memories?
    • Children and young people between the ages of 12 and 27 travel with their own pass: the Youth Pass. This pass gives 25% discount and the prices can be found on our Interrail page.

  • London

    St. Pancras International

    On the way you can read, chat, eat or stretch your legs. So you will arrive at station St. Pancras International relaxed. And you will immediately be at your first tourist attraction. This station is one of London's largest Victorian buildings as well as a luxurious, contemporary shopping mall. And are you a Harry Potter fan? Do not miss the original platform 9¾!

    Youth 12-15 years
    If you are between 12 and 15 years of age and you want to travel to London without a parent or guardian, you will need a letter of permission from your parents or guardians.

    Please note: when travelling to London with the Eurostar, you must always be in possession of a ligitimate form of identity. Regardless of your age.