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Tips for Berlin with children

Your children will have more than enough room to move about, play a game, or gaze outside on the train. You travel with the whole family to Berlin by train from € 38 one-way per person.

Children up to and including 14 years of age travel for free, and it takes 5.52 hours to travel directly from Amsterdam Central Station to Berlin. Want to arrive in the centre of Berlin relaxed? Then read our tips for discovering Berlin with your children.

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To Berlin with children

Berlin has enough to offer for families with young or older children. The very youngest do not have to pay for many tourist attractions, and teenagers often receive a school or student discount. Take your (grand)child on a city trip to Berlin and teach them all about its rich history.

In Berlin, you will find an interesting mix of Berlin before and after the fall of the Wall. Experience life in former East Germany in the DDR Museum and visit the remains of the Berlin Wall. Discover culture together in one of more than 120 museums in Berlin or take a walk past the highlights.

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The best activities for a Berlin city break with children

In Berlin, you will find numerous outings that are suitable for children. Here are some of our favourites:

Family-friendly museums in Berlin

Nothing is as boring for children as a museum full of cards with lengthy texts. Fortunately, Berlin has enough museums that are also very nice to visit with children. Child-friendly museums are, for example:

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With children to the Berlin Wall

Not every museum about the Second World War and the Cold War is suitable for children. Check the museums' websites in Berlin carefully before you buy a ticket. Some exhibitions can be experienced as intense, even for adults.

You can safely take your (grand)children to see the remnants of the Berlin Wall. At the Bernauer Strasse, you can learn more about the wall in the visitor centre. In the DDR Museum, children interactively learn about life in East Germany during the Cold War.

Berlin by train with the children

Adults can travel to Berlin by train from € 38 for a single journey. Children 14 years and younger travel for free! Children from 4 to 14 years old must book a (free) train ticket.

Book the ticket for your accompanying child or grandchild directly when you book your train ticket. There is a children's compartment for travellers with children under three on the trains to Berlin.

More information about international train travel with children

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Low-budget train travel to Berlin with children

Until the age of 14, children can travel for free with you to Berlin. Would you like to travel to Berlin as cheaply as possible? Then book in advance, which is possible as of six months. Travel on Mondays to Thursdays to take advantage of cheaper train tickets.

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Berlin with children

From € 38

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