Overcrowded trains to Germany and beyond

Flexible booking of train tickets

In these uncertain times, we think it is important that you can book your train journey with peace of mind, even further into the future. Therefore, together with our partners, we have temporarily relaxed the conditions for changes for many fares. This allows you to determine shortly before your travel date whether you still feel comfortable with the trip or whether you prefer to postpone it free of charge.

Temporary conditions

Together with our partners, we have temporarily relaxed the conditions for changes for many rates. Please pay close attention to the booking dates in the table below. If you book other fares, for example no-flex Thalys, you cannot cancel or change your journey free of charge.

Carrier Flexible booking conditions Fares Booking dates
Thalys Changing tickets is free for the mid-flex fare up to 7 days prior to departure. After that, you pay €15 until the departure time of the train. You pay any difference in price between the old and the new ticket. All all dates
Eurostar Changing tickets is free up to 7 days before departure. All all dates

We recommend that you book tickets with at least mid-flex fare. Especially for this uncertain period we have adjusted the conditions of the mid-flex fare so that a ticket can be changed to another travel date at no cost. Normally there are extra costs involved. If your new ticket is more expensive, the additional cost of this ticket is for your own account.

In some cases (especially towards Germany) the price of a mid-flex ticket is only a few euros higher than a no-flex ticket and you can also benefit from other advantages such as City Ticket.

Non-flex tickets and code orange

Train tickets with a non-flex fare are very attractively priced. This is because you cannot change or cancel these tickets after booking. For train journeys to countries with color code orange you will therefore not get a refund if you cancel your trip (at least not as long as the trains continue to run).