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Walking around Oostende

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What could be better than walking with the salty sea air in your nose? Discover the sea, the beach, and the dunes of the seaside town of Oostende. Are you the type who enjoys strolling along the boulevard, or do you prefer to sit down with a fresh seafood dish in one of the many restaurants?
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Start and end at Oostende Station

Follow the signposted Oostendse Krekenroute to explore a beautiful, historic creek area and polders, teeming with flora and fauna. Visit the charming village of Zandvoorde and take a break at the characteristic village pub. Afterward, embark on the two-kilometer stretch over the high embankment of a former railway line, now a scenic nature walk/bike path, the 'Groene 62'. Enjoy the stunning views!

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Walk along the Belgian coast from De Panne to Knokke

Discover that the Belgian coast has much more to offer than just dikes, sea, and sand. This over 100-kilometer route, from De Panne station to the visitor center at Het Zwin, guides you along the most beautiful paths through dunes, dune forests, nature reserves, parks, and famous seaside resorts. Along the way, you will encounter remarkable artworks and, of course, enjoy the beach and sea. The route is well-marked and you can also download it here.

Walking route Oostende

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