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5 remarkable city walks in Cologne

Stroll along the peaceful promenade beside the Rhine, walk around the beautiful August Sander Park, relax in the Stadtgarten and wander through the narrow lanes of the historic Altstadt. Or go on a shopping spree, where you will discover the best shopping streets. Cologne has many beautiful walking routes. Via the old city outskirts, you can walk through the greenest part of the city: explore the beautiful August Sander Park, the romantic Stadtgarten and even take a mini walk through the woods. We have listed the most remarkable city walks within Cologne for you.
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1. Discover Cologne with a city walk

Discover the highlights of the vibrant German city of Cologne with a city walk. Admire the imposing Cologne Cathedral and the various architectural styles that populate the city centre. Then walk along the banks of the Rhine. Here you will discover a wonderfully peaceful part of the city. Via the old city outskirts, you will walk the greenest part of this route: explore the beautiful August Sander Park, the romantic Stadtgarten and you will even take a mini walk through the woods.

Download the city walk in Cologne here (Dutch)

2. Go on a shopping spree in Cologne

Stroll through the famous shopping streets like the Pfeilstrasse, the Schildergasse and the Höhe Strasse or visit the hip and urban district of Belgisches Viertel. Here you will find quirky fashion shops, unique boutiques, trendy restaurants and galleries. Fortunately, you buy to your heart's content, because the station is nearby. So, you can quickly bring all those full shopping bags on the train.

Download the free walking route for shopping here (Dutch)

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3. Culinary walking tour of Cologne

Taste delicious delights and discover the culture, architecture and history of the Severin district in Südstadt, Cologne. Getyourguide, an online platform for guides and excursions, offers a 3-hour culinary walk in Cologne. During this fully catered walking tour, you will enjoy 5 delicacies and a drink at selected international restaurants in the heart of the charming Südstadt district. Would you like to sample more of Cologne? Of course, you can also set off and plan your own culinary walk. There are plenty of options.

4. Street art walk in Ehrenfeld

Like many big cities, Cologne is richly decorated with street art. The best neighbourhood to admire this street art is Ehrenfeld, a former working-class neighbourhood with metal factories. Nowadays, this up-and-coming district has been transformed into a creative meeting place for artists, entrepreneurs and other creative people. Wander through the streets and admire the enormous, colourful murals on houses and old factory walls. Discover street art in Cologne by biking with Getyourguide or do a Free-Walking street art tour in Ehrenfeld, accompanied by a local guide.

5. Nature walks in Cologne

Besides its historical architecture, lively restaurants and bustling shopping streets, Cologne also has plenty of nature. Wander through a hidden green oasis in Cologne and completely relax. For instance, you can walk along the banks of the Rhine in the Poller Wiesen. This place is very popular with the residents of Cologne and offers, in addition to beautiful nature, a wonderful view of the city. And what about (white) beaches? In the summer months, locals and tourists often visit the beaches along the Rhine. Not surprising, because it is lovely to be here.
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Go to Cologne by train

Enthusiastic about these walks? In just 2.38 hours you can travel from Amsterdam Central Station with ICE International directly to Cologne. Here you get off at the centrally located Cologne Hauptbahnhof, where most of the walking routes begin. So, you can immediately start your walk through Cologne. Very convenient.

Tips for cheap train tickets

  • Book as early as possible, you will then have the best chance of getting cheap tickets. Tickets to Cologne start from € 20.
  • Tickets for German destinations can be booked as of 6 months prior to departure.
  • If you want to go away for the weekend, go on Sat-Sun-Mon instead of Fri-Sat-Sun.
  • Children 14 years and younger travel for free in Germany with ICE and Intercity Berlin.

Tips for cheap train tickets

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Amsterdam - Cologne 2.38 hours 0 Content Content
Schiphol - Cologne 2.56 hours 1 Content Content
Rotterdam - Cologne 2.58 hours 1 Content Content
Utrecht - Cologne 2.10 hours 0 Content Content

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