To the station with NS Zonetaxi

You can travel quickly and easily to and from more than 130 stations for an attractive fixed rate per zone. You can book an NS Zonetaxi easily online and the fare for the journey can be seen immediately. So you know exactly what it will cost beforehand.

How NS Zonetaxi works If you want to be able to use NS Zonetaxi, you need a valid OV-chipkaart, the public transport smartcard, and you have to register (once only). You can book an NS Zonetaxi online and pay afterwards by direct debit. The booking system and complete details of NS Zonetaxi are only available in Dutch. NS Zonetaxi is available at more than 130 locations; it is however not available at Amsterdam Central and Den Haag Central stations.

More information about NS Zonetaxi

Attractive rates per zone

NS Zonetaxi works with zones, with clear and affordable rates per zone. The rate consists of an initial fee of € 3.00 plus a rate of € 3.00 per zone. A zone means 2 kilometres.

  • For 1 zone (up to 2 kilometres), you pay € 6
  • For 2 zones (tot 4 kilometres), you pay € 9
  • For 3 zones (tot 6 kilometres) you pay € 12

The rate for the journey is based on the shortest route, calculated using the route planner. Payment is handled later by direct debit, so there is no need to pay cash. If you want to travel further than 6 kilometres, you pay € 3 for each additional 2 kilometres.

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