Sales start new annual timetable 2020/2021

New schedule for travel dates on or after 13 December 2020.

Because the new annual timetables of several train operators are not yet available, it is currently not possible to book tickets for many destinations departing on or after 13 December 2020. Below is a list of booking options by country.

Please note that all information is subject to change without notice.

Train tickets to Belgium


  • Sales started.

Intercity Brussel and other Belgium destinations

  • Sales started.

Train tickets to France

Thalys to Paris

  • Sales started.

    Snow Thalys to the French Alps

    • Snow Thalys only runs this year during the Christmas and spring holidays to and from the Netherlands. Sales started.

      Thalys to Marne La Vallée / Charles de Gaulle

      • The train service to Marne / CDG will not resume until March 13, 2021.  

        TGV from Brussels and Paris

        • Sales start 6 October 2020.

        Other French (TGV) trains

        • Sales start 6 October 2020

        Train tickets to England

        Eurostar Amsterdam and Rotterdam to Brussels and London and vice versa .

        • Sales have started

        Eurostar routes in combination with a connection with all Dutch stations

        • Sales have started

        Eurostar Brussels / Paris to Londen

        • Sales have started

            Train tickets to Germany and beyond

            • Nightjet This train will run from December 14. Start sale is not yet known.
            • Sales have started.

            Please note: Starting the publication of the new timetable schedule, you can book tickets for NS International trains approximately 3 months prior to the day of departure. The pre-sale period varies by train. Thalys can be booked 3 or 4 months in advance. TGV can be booked 3 or 4 months in advance. ICE International, Intercity Berlin and Eurostar can be booked 180 days in advance.

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