The 10 best amusement parks in Germany by train!

Discover the top 10 amusement parks in Germany. From Legoland Germany to one of Europe's most visited theme parks, Europapark. The advantage is that these amusement parks can all be easily reached by train from the Netherlands.

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1. Europapark

When you say Europapark, you say rollercoasters. The park started as a " showcase " of the German ride manufacturer MACK Rides. Years later, it has grown into Germany's largest amusement park and one of the most visited parks in Europe. The park has six hotels, a campsite and a water park. Europapark features Europe's longest launch roller coaster, the Volton Nevara, at 1,385 metres in length.

Europapark is easily accessible by train, from Ringsheim (Europapark) station it is 15 minutes by bus to the main entrance.

Read all about it on the Europapark website

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2. Moviepark Germany

Across the border from Venlo, in Bottrop, you can find Moviepark Germany. With 8 roller coasters and several water rides, you won't be bored for a moment. As the name suggests, the theme is ''movies''. With 6 themed areas, all in 'Hollywood style', you are sure to feast your eyes as well. By the way, Moviepark Germany also has Germany's oldest wooden roller coaster, the 'Bandit', which dates back to 1999. The Feldhoven train station is 400m from the park's main entrance.

Read all about Moviepark Germany on the website


Phantasialand amusement park in Germany began as a fairy tale park in 1967, but has evolved over the years into an amusement park with 11 roller coasters, including 3 in the dark. It features 6 themed areas in the style of different continents. In addition, Phantasialand is known for the level of detail, in attractions and the themed areas. Get off at Brühl station, from where a shuttle bus goes to the park's main entrance for a small fee.

Read all about Phantasialand on the website

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4.Legoland Germany

You don't necessarily have to go all the way to Billund in Denmark for Legoland, you can also visit Legoland in Germany. Legoland Germany is located in Günzburg, between Munich and Stuttgart. An ideal family amusement park, where it is also possible to stay overnight in LEGO houses. In addition, several LEGO records have been broken in this park, including the largest Lego brick, tallest Lego tower and largest Lego building. A LEGO shuttle bus departs from Günzburg station and drops you off in front of the park's main entrance in 10 minutes.

Voor Legoland hoeft u niet per se helemaal naar Billund in Denemarken, maar kunt u ook in Duitsland terecht. Met Legoland Germany in Günzburg, tussen München en Stuttgart. Een ideaal familiepretpark, waarbij het ook mogelijk is om te overnachten in de LEGO huisjes. Daarnaast zijn er meerdere LEGO records verbroken in dit park, onder andere grootse legosteen, hoogste legotoren en grootste legogebouw. Vanaf station Günzburg vertrekt er een LEGO shuttlebus die u in 10 minuten voor de hoofdingang van het park afzet.

Read more about Legoland Germany on the website


Hansa-Park is a must-see for theme park visitors with 11 themed areas and 7 roller coasters. Apart from all the beautifully designed themed areas, daredevils can't believe their luck with the world's tallest free-fall tower. Free-falling from a height of 103 metres, you will drop down in 120 kilometres per hour. But there is even more to experience in Hansa-Park, including 4 different water attractions. Sierksdorf train station is a 10-minute walk from the park, which is clearly signposted.

Visit the website of Hansa-Park for more information

6. Belantis

Near Leipzig you will find Belantis, Germany's 'youngest' theme park. The park opened in 2003 in a former coal mine. You will see no trace of this in the park, which thematically shows countries around the Mediterranean Sea. Belantis is a family park. The roller coasters are not as spectacular as Europa-Park and Moviepark Germany, but suitable for all ages. From Leipzig station, take the S-bahn to change to the special Belantis bus at the 'Markkleeberg' terminus, which will drop you off in front of the main entrance in 15 minutes.

Read all about Belantis on the website

7. Playmobil Funpark Zirndorf

Playmobil fans will be in their element at Playmobil Funpark Zirndorf, near Nuremberg. You can play with the latest Playmobil sets in a 5000m2 arcade. You won't get bored on a summer's day either: the large playground has a water play area. Staying overnight is certainly not a punishment either. In the accompanying Playmobil Hotel, you sleep completely in Playmobil style. From Nuremberg station, take the S-bahn to the terminus and then change to the Playmobil-Funpark bus. The bus will drop you off in front of the main entrance in 6 minutes.

Read all about it on the Playmobil Funpark website

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8. Ravensburger Spieleiland

With over 70 attractions and 8 themed worlds, Ravensburger Spieleiland is an absolute must visit! Here, you can drive a real excavator or learn to drive a small car. You can also play memory and puzzle games in this park. For slightly older children (7-12 years), there are also roller coasters and a white-water ride. By the way, this is THE park to visit by train. You get as much as 5 euros discount per ticket if you show that you came by train/bus. From Meckenbeuren station it is 15 minutes by bus to the park entrance.

Read all about it on the Ravensburg Spieleiland website

9. Heide Park

Heide Park is Germany's second largest park. You won't be bored here for a second with 9 roller coasters and 31 other attractions, For example of the attraction 'Bobbahn', the longest bobsleigh roller coaster in the world with a length of 990 metres. Around Halloween, Heide Park opens special 'Halloween attractions' that are not normally open. These include a haunted house, as well as several scary mazes and a magical forest for children aged 3-7. In 2023, Heide Park won the award for 'best European Halloween event'. You can stay overnight at Heide Park in the adjoining hotel. Enjoy interactive rooms, a laser game and an indoor arcade. Choose from fun themed rooms such as Peppa Pig or pirates. From Wolterdingen station, walk to the park entrance in about 20 minutes.

Visit the Heide Park website for more information

10. Skyline Park

Always wanted to feel 5G? You can in the 'Sky Wheel' rollercoaster at Skyline Park.Then The park has a total of 6 roller coasters and 37 other attractions, including Germany's largest bumper car ride of 1056m2.The park is a 22-minute walk from Rammingen station.You can reach the main entrance via a beautiful shell path.

Visit Skyline Park website for more information