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Will you be travelling around Europe and visit the continents beautiful cities and countries? Why not take the train? It’s the best choice for travelling Europe. The relatively short distances between cities and the comfort of travelling (sightseeing on the go, no check-in, arrive in city center) makes it the quickest way of getting around. Thanks to the comprehensive high-speed rail network, Europe is at your fingertips.

When visiting the Netherlands, Belgium or France, the high-speed train Eurostar will get you anywhere within hours. The train departs daily and on a frequent basis and will take you to both the capitals and other must see places.

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Start your trip in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is the perfect place to start your Europe trip. The historic city has much to offer with its diversity of restaurants, shops and museums. Discover Amsterdam by bike, canal boat or walking. It’s central location makes it also the right spot to get anywhere in Europe within hours.

Amsterdam - Brussels | 1.53 hrs
Amsterdam - Paris | 3.18 hrs
Amsterdam - Berlin | 5.52 hrs
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Or Brussels

Vibrant Brussels is centrally located in Europe and a great place to stay. It’s located in between Amsterdam and Paris and also an ideal starting point to travel Cologne and London.

Brussels - Antwerp | 0.33 hrs
Brussels - Amsterdam | 1.53 hrs
Brussels - Cologne | 1.47 hrs
Brussels - London | 2.08 hrs
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Or Paris

Paris should be more than just a stopover. Discover all this beautiful city has to offer. The capital of France is the perfect hub for travelling to southern destinations in Europe or up North to Belgium and The Netherlands.

Paris - Brussels | 1.26 hrs
Paris - Genève | 3.18 hrs
Paris - Nice | 5.38 hrs
Paris - Barcelona | 6.23 hrs
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