7 to 11 months no Eurostar

No Eurostar possible due to construction work Amsterdam Central

Friday 2 June 2023

On Friday 2 June late afternoon, parliament was informed by the Ministerie van Infrastructuur and Waterstaat that the Eurostar Terminal currently standing on the platform of track 15 at Amsterdam Centraal must be demolished by June 2024. The existing terminal cannot remain in place during the large-scale refurbishment of Amsterdam Centraal. As a result, no secure departure to London would be possible for a long period (2024-2036) and thus no direct train between Amsterdam and London could be offered without transferring, or disembarking for the necessary checks. Secure departure involves passengers passing through passport and luggage checks before travelling to London through a secure area (waiting area and platform).

No Eurostar from June 2024 to spring 2025

Given the increasing importance of international train travel, ProRail, I&W and NS have made every effort to make secure departure from Amsterdam Central possible during this period. By going off the beaten track and being flexible, they managed to reduce the period considerably, but unfortunately, secure departure is not possible for 7 to 11 months. This covers the period June 2024 to spring 2025 at the latest.

All parties are working hard to minimise the period when no direct train can depart from Amsterdam Central to London. They are also looking at measures to make the journey between Amsterdam and London as smooth as possible for train passengers.

New terminal 2025

From spring 2025, the new terminal at Amstelpassage will more than double capacity so that the connection can offer an even better alternative to air travel between the Netherlands and the UK.