No direct train to London for six months

24 November 2023

In recent months, the Ministry of Infrastructure & Water Management, ProRail, NS and Eurostar have been jointly investigating how to continue the direct train service between the Netherlands and the UK, despite renovations at Amsterdam Central.
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Terminal in Amsterdam closed for six months

Unfortunately, we have had to conclude that despite all our joint efforts, there will be a period when no direct train to London will be able to run from Amsterdam. That period is expected to be 6 months (approx. June 2024 to January 2025). This is a great disappointment because recenlty we have been working really diligently to make the Eurostar to London an attractive alternative to air travel.
It has been a particularly difficult puzzle to piece together. If there had been a simple solution, all parties would have seized it with both hands. Unfortunately, after various investigations, we have to conclude that such a solution does not exist. Together, we have choosen to take a step back in the second half of 2024 and not run Eurostar directly to London for a period of time. Passengers travelling from Amsterdam and Rotterdam to London will have to change trains once in Brussels. In early 2025, we will travel directly between Amsterdam and London v.v. more frequently and with more passengers on board.

Straight from London to Amsterdam

Jointly, we are exploring possibilites for passengers travelling from the Netherlands to London. This includes at least the train journey to London with a transfer in Brussels as is already possible today. Eurostar has indicated that the direct Eurostar will continue to run between London and Amsterdam.

What does the closure of the terminal entail?

We expect the current terminal to close about the end of June, at which point direct travel to London will no longer be possible. Meanwhile, we will be working on the new terminal in the Amstel Passage.
Starting in January 2025, the new, large terminal will be completed and we will have the opportunity to allow far more passengers to travel directly from Amsterdam to London. In doing so, we will make Eurostar an even more attractive alternative to air travel for even more travellers.

Eurostar to Brussels and Paris

The Eurostar to Brussels and Paris will continue to run directly from Amsterdam Centraal, Schiphol Airport and Rotterdam Centraal.