Taking the train to summer vacation

We can imagine that during the summer holidays, you don't want to have anything on your mind. You want to enjoy some peace and quiet. A stressful trip to get to your destination is not what you want. So take the train! Your holiday starts as soon as you get on the train. There are several possibilities for a lovely holiday by train. Does this list include the golden tip for you?

Relaxed journey

The train is the ideal means of transport to get to your summer holiday destination. While you sit back and enjoy the view, the world will pass you by. Passing modern and historic stations, you will travel in and out of cities and nature, through tunnels and over bridges. Onboard, there's plenty of time for relaxation, pleasant conversations, and good food. In a carefree way, you'll discover much of the countries you're travelling in.

On holiday in France

Travel through France with, for example, Thalys to the South of France. In the summer, this train leaves every Saturday to the French sun. Are you a nature lover or a sports fan? Then get off in Valence and travel to the Ardèche from there. Another option is TGV. This train will bring you to all corners of France. From Paris, you can reach Bordeaux or Nantes, Lyon or Dijon in just two hours!

Travel to the Alps by train

How great is it to take the train from our lowlands to the mountains? If you want to go to the Alps, ICE International is an excellent place to start. Change trains in Basel for the Swiss Alps.  Prefer the Austrian or Italian mountains? Then travel on from Munich. Of course, you can also opt for a trip by night withÖBB Nightjet. In all cases: an unforgettable holiday in the mountains awaits you!

Discover Germany by train

For food lovers, Germany offers more than beer and bratwurst. In the southwest, there are beautiful wine regions you can visit with ICE International. The same train will also take you to an active or, on the contrary, a wonderfully quiet holiday in the Black Forest. Another option is to travel through this beautiful country with Intercity Berlin. In 5 to 6 hours, you'll be in bustling cities like Hamburg or Berlin.

To England in a flash by train

Travel directly with Eurostar to the heart of London this summer. This trip can't be considered slow travel, because your trip will only take 4h10m. Explore the 'garden of England', or the Kent region by train or relax in the southwest on the 'English Riviera'. You can also travel around the United Kingdom with the One Country Pass. From cities like Edinburgh to breathtaking national parks in the Scottish Highlands. The train will take you in all directions!

To Bordeaux by train

Bordeaux is the wine and shopping city and you can get there by train.

To Basel by train

Enjoy the medieval town and stunning architecture.

To London by train

Full of history, culture and shopping. London is alive day and night.

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