Travelling safe

We have taken a number of measures to minimize the crowds in our trains. For example, the number of tickets available for most trains has been reduced. It is also not allowed to travel in groups (with more than 5 people) and no bicycles are allowed.

From 1 June, it is mandatory in the Netherlands to wear a face mask in all public transport. There is a fine of 95 euros for not wearing a mask. People speak of mouth and nose protection abroad. That means that wearing a shawl or T-shirt over the mouth and nose is sufficient there.
Please note: for all cross-border trains, you must comply with the rules that apply in the countries in which you travel by train.

An example: if you travel to Basel (SBB) with the ICE, you have to comply with regulations in the Netherlands, Germany and Switzerland. This page shows which protective equipment is mandatory per country.

All guidelines for travelling by train per country

Extra cleaning on the train

All international trains are completely cleaned at every start / end point and at night. Also, the passenger areas, balconies, toilets and cabins are extra disinfected.

Read the FAQ about international train travel

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