On board Thalys

Locating your carriage

Your carriage number is written on your ticket. On the platforms you will find posters with information about the train set-up which will indicate where you can best wait for your carriage. On the Thalys trains, the carriage numbers are located next to the exterior doors. So, finding your carriage will be easy. In the carriage, seat numbers are clearly marked above the seats.

More information about finding your seat on Thalys

Catering Thalys

In the bar/buffet carriage, you can order coffee, tea or another beverage, and sandwiches, salads and hot or cold snacks. You can pay cash or, for orders of € 10.00 or more, with a credit card.

Tip: buy your metro ticket on the train

In het bar/ buffet carriage, tickets for the Paris and Brussels metro can also be bought.


Travelling in Thalys offers you comfort with free Wi-Fi in all Thalys trains, both for Standard, Comfort and Premium.

Electrical outlets

There are electrical outlets in the 1st and 2nd class (Comfort 1 and Comfort 2) next to your chair. You can use and charge your electronic devices during your trip.

Travellers with impaired mobility

In order for our trains to also be accessible to the elderly, visually impaired and other passengers with impaired mobility, we offer a number of special services.


It is permitted to bring 2 large items of luggage (max. 75x53x30cm) and one item of hand luggage. There is no maximum weight but you do need to be able to carry your own luggage. At the entrance of the carriage and above the seats there are luggage racks.

For safety reasons it is forbidden to place luaggage in the doorways and aisles of the train or to fasten your luggage (with rope or locks) in the train.

For other items of luggage other rules apply. Read more about the Thalys luggage policy.

Bringing bicycles on board

Bicycles on board Thalys are only permitted when both wheels have been dismantled and it is packed in a bicycle case (max. dimensions 135 x 18 x 30 cm). The bicycle is then considered luggage. A folding bicycle is permitted, provided that it is folded and packed.

Bringing pets on board

On board most trains you can bring a pet with you. In certain cases conditions apply.

Travelling with children

What does it cost to travel with children? Can I bring a stroller on board? May children walk about and play? For a worry-free trip, read all the practical information about travelling with children.