TGV naar Disneyland, Lyon en Marseille

TGV to Disneyland, Lyon and Marseille

  • Travel fast and in comfort to France with Thalys and TGV
  • Easy layover in Brussel Zuid (Midi)
  • Enjoy the beautiful French countryside
  • Arrive in the centre of the city
  • Special rates from every station in the Netherlands with TGV

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With TGV to the North and South-East of France, via Brussels

The North of France is closer than you think and there is so much to see and do. We highly recommend a vacation in the South-East of France, think of a nice French wine in the evening sun on a terrace in Nîmes, feasting on the fabulous cuisine that Lyon has to offer, seeing the beautiful historic centre of Avignon or just going to the beaches on the Cote d'Azur.

Practical information for TGV

Changing trains in Brussels

If you are travelling to Lille, Marne-la-Vallée-Chessy (Disneyland), Perpignan or Nice, then there’s a quick and easy stop in Brussels where you must change trains. With Intercity Brussels you can travel from Amsterdam Central Station, Schiphol, Den Haag HS, Dordrecht or Roosendaal to Brussel Zuid(Midi). Or with Thalys you can travel from Amsterdam Central Station, Schiphol or Rotterdam Central Station on the high-speed track to Brussels Midi. From there you can immediately take a connecting TGV train to your final destination! At least 15 minutes before departures the platform number from which your connecting TGV train will depart will be announced.

To make it easier, you can download and print a map of Brussel Zuid(Midi) train station.

Do you need to wait a while for your TGV connection? At Paris Gare du Nord, you will find a large number of facilities to make the wait more pleasant.

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Rates TGV

TGV has different pricing levels. Prices depend on the time of booking (early booking is cheaper!) and the flexibility of the ticket relating to rebook and cancel. TGV can be booked three months in advance. SNCF sometimes extends this for 4-5 months, you can see this in the booking module.

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