Intercity Brussels

Intercity Brussels: new route and rates

  • As of 9 April, Intercity Brussels will run over the high-speed track (HSL), via Breda to Antwerp and Brussels.
  • When travelling from Amsterdam and Schiphol to Belgium, you will get there 30 minutes faster.
  • Calling at Breda will now make it easier for passengers from the south of the Netherlands to reach Belgium by train.
  • There is a direct connection from The Hague to Belgium 4 times a day.
  • Simultaneously with running this new route, new rates for Intercity Brussels have also been introduced.

Amsterdam CS/Schiphol – Brussels: 30 minutes faster

From now on, Intercity Brussels will be using the high-speed track (HSL) 12 times a day. This means that passengers from Amsterdam and Schiphol will gain time. With Intercity Brussels, they will arrive 30 minutes sooner in Brussels than on the previous route.

New travel time: 2h53m
Previous travel time: 3h23m

On this page we list the most important changes and the benefits for you.

  • New route

    The new route on the map

    This is what you see on the map:
    • Intercity Brussels runs 12 times a day from Amsterdam via the high-speed track (HSL) to Belgium. The HSL starts at Schiphol station and runs via Rotterdam and Breda towards Belgium
    • Four times a day Intercity Brussels begins at Den Haag HS station. After Rotterdam, the train will take the high-speed track towards Belgium
    The same routes and frequencies apply to the return journey from Belgium to the Netherlands.

    Do you want to travel from the south of the Netherlands to Belgium? Then you can take advantage of the new route on the HSL. Thanks to the new stop at Breda station, Belgium will be more easily assessable.

    Intercity Brussels no longer stops at the Dordrecht and Roosendaal stations. If you want to travel from Roosendaal to Belgium, you can still choose the local train connection from Roosendaal to Antwerp.

    Intercity direct and Intercity Brussels: form one train 12 times a day

    Intercity Brussels operates 12 times a day on the high-speed track (HSL) between Amsterdam and Breda to Belgium.
    If you are travelling in the Netherlands - between Amsterdam and Breda - you can travel with Intercity Brussels. You need to pay a surcharge for this because it is an extra fast, direct connection on the HSL. This surcharge is called the IC direct Toeslag.
    You could say that Intercity Brussels and Intercity direct form one train that runs 12 times a day. For passengers travelling abroad, an Intercity direct supplement is, of course, not necessary.

  • New rates

    New rates Expired rates
    Early Bird week Youth
    Early Bird weekend Superdag return
    Flex rate Weekend return
    Standaard rate
    Early Bird
    With the Early Bird rate you get the lowest price for your trip. If you book early – up to 7 days before departure – you benefit from a high discount on the Flex fare. This applies to journeys in both 2nd and the comfortable 1st class. Up to the 7 days before departure, Early Bird tickets are available without restriction.

    If you travel from Monday to Thursday, the Early Bird ticket is extra cheap.
    Good to know: For journeys with an Early Bird ticket you can travel with any train, including the trains during rush hour!

    Do you have an NS subscription that entitles you to a 100% discount*? Then you only pay for the part of your trip from the Belgian border to your final destination. If you indicate during your online booking that you have this discount subscription, the discount will be settled automatically. Advantage: because you book with us from your departure station, we can provide you with up-to-date travel information in the event of disruptions.

    Has something unexpectedly changed in your plans? You can change or cancel your Early Bird ticket up to a day before your departure for a € 5 fee.

    Flex rate
    Do you usually buy your ticket shortly before departure? Or do you always want to be able to change your booking at no cost? Then choose the Flex rate. This fare is always available online as well as in the NS ticket vending machine and at the NS service counters at the stations.
    You can change or cancel your Flex ticket free of charge up to and including the day of your departure. The Flex rate can be combined with all NS subscriptions* and the RAILPLUS card.
    *For international travel, different conditions apply with regard to rush hour times and discounts. Click here for more information.

  • Bringing bicycle

    Limited room for bicycles Intercity Brussels

    Strict safety regulations apply on the high-speed track (HSL). Those rules shall also apply to bicycles on board. The bicycles that may be taken along must be placed safely on the train. There is only limited room for bicycles on Intercity Brussels trains.

    Every Intercity Brussels train that runs on the HSL can carry a maximum of four bicycles. Unfortunately, that is much less than the 12 bicycles that were allowed on board when Intercity Brussels was not yet running on the HSL.

    At the moment you cannot make a reservation for one of the four bicycle places in each train. This unfortunately means that we cannot guarantee you will always be able to travel; it can happen that the available spaces are already occupied and you will have to wait for the next train. Keep this in mind when planning your trip.

    In the local train that runs between Roosendaal and Antwerp, you can always take your bicycle with you. You can take your bicycle on a domestic train to Roosendaal and from there take the all-stations train to Antwerp. If you travel further than Antwerp, there are several domestic train services in Belgium on which you may take your bicycle with you.

  • Children travel for free
    Kinderen reizen gratis mee in de Intercity Brussel

    Children travel for free

    New for Intercity Brussels is that children aged 4 to 11 may travel with an adult for free. This is subject to the condition that the ticket is booked online and that you indicate you are travelling with children when you make your booking. Up to 4 children per adult can travel free of charge.

Intercity Brussels

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