Border subscription

If you regularly travel between the Netherlands and Belgium or Germany, then a Border Subscription combined with with a foreign subscription might be something for you. With a Border Subscription, you can get unlimited travel on a set rout in the Netherlands to the Belgium or German border.
The Grensabonnement is available as an annual subscription that can be canceled monthly.
The Border Subscription is available to or from:

  • Hazeldonk border
  • Bad Bentheim border
  • Emmerich border
  • Roosendaal border
  • Venlo border
  • Visé border

The Border Subscription will be placed on your OV-chipkaart.

More information Border Subscription

More information about the Border Subscription and purchasing it can be found on or contract Customer Service NS via 030 751 51 55.

Combination subscriptions

For the foreign part of your journey there are several subscriptions available that can combined with the Border Subscription.

  • For more information about Belgium subscription, go to
  • For more information about German subscription, go to

Border Subscription and international travel

When travelling with a Border Subscription in combination with a foreign subscription, it is not necessary to check in and out.

Your Border Subscription, together with your foreign subscription are a valid ticket. When being asked for you ticket you will need to show both.

You can travel with 40% discount during off-peak hours on routes not included in your Border Subscription. You will need to do the following:

  • When purchasing your international ticket via, you must choose the option ‘ 40% discount in the Netherlands’.
  • Are you buying your international ticket via a NS self-service ticket machine? Then choose the option ‘NS route with discount’.

You will then receive an international ticket where the 40% discount is included.

Please note: If necessary, book two one-way trips when different conditions apply on the outward and return journey.

Subscription Roosendaal/Maastricht

Do you frequently travel from Roosendaal or Maastricht? You also have the possibility to purchase a subscription from NMBS. For the first purchase, you must go to a counter of the NMBS. After that, the renewals can be retrieved via internet or the NMBS ticket vending machines which can also be found at Roosendaal and Maastricht station. It is possible to pay with Dutch bankcards at these ticket vending machines.