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A short city break or a longer holiday? The train is the ideal way to reach the most beautiful cities in Europe. We offer an overview of the most popular destinations. You will arrive in the heart of town and can immediately go and discover the city.

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To Paris by train

The city of love, art and fashion. You'll never get bored!

To Antwerp by train

A lively city where the true Bon Vivant will feel at home.

To Brussels by train

So close and yet you'll get away from it all in the Belgian capital!

To Berlin by train

Lively and versatile, an ancient city with a modern twist.

To London by train

Full of history, culture and shopping. London is alive day and night.

To Dusseldorf by train

Fashion city with a rich history and vibrant nightlife.

To Frankfurt by train

Business city with plenty of character: travel time from 3h46m.

To Cologne by train

City of art, architecture and theatre. Travel time from 2h38m.

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* Listed from-prices are based on one-way trips, 2nd class, from Amsterdam Central Station. All rates are subject to availability and applicable fare conditions.

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