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Thalys Premium Mini

The Premium Mini fare makes travelling in style on Thalys very appealing

Would you like to enjoy the most luxurious class, free wifi, extra spacious chairs and a delicious meal? Then choose first class.

If you are travelling with more than one person, you can take advantage of a discounted fare, namely the Premium Mini fare!
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Offer conditions

  • Valid for two people or more (12 years or older)
  • Comfortable travel 1st class
  • Early booking = lowest prices

Early booking means lowest prices

Book as early as possible to buy the cheapest tickets; only 2,000 tickets are offered for this rate per month. With Thalys, you can book up to 4 months before departure.

Extra benefits

We advise you to book your tickets from a station near you. This way, you get the cheapest tickets for your trip from the station you board to Amsterdam, Schiphol or Rotterdam. That route has a maximum price of 
€ 15 in first class. The price depends on the length of your route. If it's short, your ticket price is lower. This way you also only have to check in once and you will receive travel updates about the entire route. The fares below are for the routes from Amsterdam, Rotterdam or Schiphol.

Destination Premium Premium Mini
Amsterdam - Brussels € 97 € 60
Schiphol Airport - Brussels € 97 € 60
Rotterdam - Brussels € 97 € 60

The prices are for a one person, single trip.

Destination Premium Premium Mini
Amsterdam - Paris € 135 € 99
Schiphol Airport - Paris € 135 € 99
Rotterdam - Paris € 135 € 99

The prices are for a one person, single trip.

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