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Christmas market in Münster

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Celebrate Christmas in Münster

The Christmas market in Münster is an charming spectacle. With 300 fairytale stalls, spread over 5 large Christmas markets, you can do great Christmas shopping! The largest and oldest Christmas market in Münster takes place around the town hall. In the courtyard you will not only find a large selection of jewelery and art accessories, but also two merry-go-rounds for children and many different snacks for young and old.

Your trip to Münster with ICE International

The high-speed train ICE International runs from the Netherlands to Germany and Switzerland daily. With ICE International you can relax and travel quickly and comfortably. From Amsterdam Central Station ICE International runs 7 times a day to Münster in a good 3 hours and vice versa. Depending on your train trip, you change trains in Oberhausen or Duisburg and take a regular Intercity service. A train ticket can be booked from € 19.

Route Travel time Transfer Header Header
Amsterdam - Münster 3.24 1 Content Content
Amersfoort - Münster 2.48 1 Content Content
Utrecht - Münster 3.07 1 Content Content
Rotterdam - Münster 3.49 2 Content Content
Arnhem - Münster 1.52 1 Content Content

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When can I go on a Christmas trip to Münster?

The Christmas market in Münster is open from 22 November until 23 December 2021 (subject to change).

What else can you do?

Make your visit to the Christmas market in Münster a day out or a weekend getaway! Visit the historic city centre filled with numerous museums, theatres and modern sculptures and architecture. Thanks to the large, reputable university, Münster is a young and vibrant city with 55,000 students. In the evening there is also plenty to do.

Christmas market in Münster

From € 19