How faster trains save a million tonnes of CO2 emissions per year

By focusing on a good European network of fast trains, CO2 emissions can be reduced by almost one megaton per year. Royal HaskoningDHV calculated that the share of train journeys to and from 31 European destinations could increase from an average of 27 to 63 percent. And that saves 89,000 take-offs and landings from Schiphol every year. Reason enough to choose the train instead of the plane for journeys less than 700 kilometres.

Experience travel time

At the moment, air travel is the most popular choice for most European destinations. This includes relatively short distances. People often think that flying is faster than travelling by train, but from door-to-door, this usually makes little difference, especially when travelling short distances. And even when train travel times are longer now, they can and should be reduced. So that more international travellers will come to see train travel as the best logical choice.

Making choices

If we invest in a good European high-speed network, make use of international standards and cooperate internationally, this will save more than half of the CO2 emissions on the sections studied. The emission of particulate matter (NOx) will also be significantly reduced: up to 37% in a European high-speed rail network. But then, the Netherlands will have to make choices.