Young people committed to sustainable mobility

During the UN Climate Conference in Katowice (Poland), 35 young people, including Young NS, offered politicians a manifesto on sustainable mobility. In the manifesto, they call attention to making mobility more sustainable. The climate conference ended on Friday 14 December.

Honest competition

NS International made the train journey to the Climate Conference possible. The young people took part on behalf of De Jonge Klimaatbeweging, Jong Milieu Actief, DWARS (GroenLinks youth organisation), Green Tickets and Young NS. Their most important point: To compete fairly with airplanes, more support is needed from national and international governments and regulations must be changed.

On their way there, they discussed their vision of sustainable mobility in 2050 on the train. What changes in infrastructure and behaviour are needed to achieve this? What should politicians and businesses do to make this possible? The manifesto was drawn up on the basis of these discussions.

Young NS

Milou Pet attended on behalf of Young NS: "For a few tenners, you can fly to every big city in Europe. Unfortunately, you emit about 10 times more CO2 than when you travel by train. The discussion about the role of the train within Europe - as an alternative to air travel - is fully underway and now the demand for international train tickets is rising by 15 to 20 percent compared to previous years. In short, it is clear that passengers also want to be able to travel abroad by train faster and more often."