Travelling by train as a digital nomad

Travel through Europe with 'digital nomad' Agnès, who combines work and travel.

"April 2017; I was in a silent monastery in Chiang Mai, Thailand. There I was not allowed to talk, read, write or play sports, but I was allowed to meditate a lot. Well, then the subjects that you have been avoiding in your daily life will surface. For me that was my job. As much as it was fun, I had been working there for years and it was time for a new challenge. But what?

"Fast forward to September 2019: for almost two years I've been working as a freelance copywriter and social media manager, and I have a Dutch blog 'Girl on the move' about the digital nomad existence. Just before I entered the silent monastery, I met a 'digital nomad' for the first time: someone who combines work and travel. This triggered something in me. Travel has always been my passion, and now I could combine it with my other passion: writing! So, in the silent monastery, I decided that this would be my future.

"I can honestly say: I haven't regretted it for a moment. I travel from place to place, and stay in one city for an average of a month. In every city, I book a place to stay for the entire month. That way, it becomes my temporary home and I can work from there while exploring my surroundings."

Sustainable travel

"But my sustainable heart was gnawing at me a little. After flying to a lot of far-off destinations last year, I decided to take a more sustainable approach this year. I chose countries closer to home, and when possible take the train. At the moment, I'm travelling through Europe for a month. This Europe trip goes from Amsterdam to Paris, Turin, Cinque Terre, Milan, Basel, Berlin, and back to Amsterdam. Ideal, because on the train I can just work while watching the landscape change!

"And I looked it up: the train journey from Amsterdam to Paris only causes 8 CO2 emissions, compared to 75 CO2 by plane. That's a difference of 67 CO2! That took my breath away for a moment. Travelling by train is not only better for the environment but also for your mood. There's much less waiting time when travelling by train: you don't have to check in well in advance, or wait for your luggage, or get from the airport to your destination again. The train stops right in the heart of the city, which saves a lot of time and hassle. I think it's clear: I'm a big fan!"

Europe trip

"Are you curious about my Europe trip? Via the Instagram Stories of @nsinternational I will give a weekly update of my trip! Now, I'll continue to enjoy the view in Cinque Terre!"

Travel time

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