Are you collecting Doenkies yet?

NS International is contributing to a great new initiative: the Doenkies app. With this free app, you can collect points which you can payout to a charity or good initiative. All you have to do is make conscious, sustainable choices in everyday life. This way, you can easily contribute for a nicer world!

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Passionate about sustainability

NS participates in Doenkies because we are committed to sustainability. Research has shown that 2 to 3 million Dutch people are willing to do something about sustainability, but that they do not know what they can do. We want to help with that. Together with other companies, NS International provides tips on how you can make sustainable choices while collecting Doenkies at the same time.

How does it work?

Download the Doenkies app and upload your photo of a sustainable, conscious choice. You can choose a sustainable product or service. As a reward, you get Doenkies. These can then be paid out in Euros to the organisation of your choice. Each Doenkie is worth one Eurocent. Join us! Do you also want to save the world in a fun way? Then download the free app. Choose, collect, and contribute!

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