Mijn NS International

My NS International

'My NSI' makes it even easier for you

My NSI is a protected, personal, environment on our website.

Here you can arrange everything concerning your international train journeys and manage your personal details. Quickly and easily, whenever, wherever you want.



Maybe you want to book a trip, you still need to change something regarding your personal details, and you're looking for an overview of your latest trips. Convenient if you could do all this in one place and one go! There’s also a lot less typing, as text fields are automatically filled in with previous data.

On My NSI you can:

  • view and manage your personal details
  • consult previously made trips
  • book, modify and cancel your trips
  • specify international discount cards for use when buying
  • check and uncheck permission for news, inspiration, and tips
  • easily rebook trips
  • indicate your discount rate for domestic parts of your international train journey

Logging in to My NSI is done with your general NS account

To use My NSI, you must register for a free, general NS account once. You can then log in quickly and securely using your username and password.
Have you previously created an NS account on NS.nl? Then you can contact us with the same login information. It’s that easy!