2021: Year of the International Train

The EU has declared 2021 the Year of the International Train. They want to put train travel as a sustainable means of transportation in the limelight and promote rail as a smart alternative to air and car travel. Of course, they don't need to convince us of that! Last year, we worked hard to make international train travel even easier and better. We hope you will be able to reap the benefits of it in 2021.


With the night train to Austria

After a few years of absence, the night train will return! Although the launch was postponed in several countries due to corona regulations, we suspect that you will be able to travel to the mountains by the end of March. You can already book tickets online for this train. We provide clear explanations about the different types of accommodation so that you can choose the one that suits your needs. Maybe next year you can go on a winter trip by train?

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Direct Eurostar connection to London

Testing, testing, testing. We did this extensively in 2020 to ensure that the new direct connection from Amsterdam to London ran smoothly. Especially when it came to check-in and passport control. After the necessary delays, the departure whistle for the very first direct Eurostar from Amsterdam to London sounded on 26 October 2020. The train now runs every day. As soon as corona permits, more trains will depart daily. Hopefully, you will also choose Eurostar (again) in 2021. Compared to the plane, a journey from Amsterdam to London emits 80% less CO2!

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New train destinations

Germany and the Czech Republic are wonderful destinations that have much more to offer than just the popular capital cities Berlin and Prague. The good news is that you can now book up to 4,000 additional destinations in Germany via our website. And last November, we added another 65 Czech cities. If you have a round trip in mind, you can now really go to all the beautiful places and sights! You can even follow in the footsteps of the Dutch TV programme Wie is de mol?.

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Take the train to Lyon and Oberhausen

Research shows that the shopping city Oberhausen and the Burgundian Lyon are top-notch destinations. Many people travel to these places but do so mainly by car or by plane. Did you know that the train is a very suitable and sustainable alternative for such a short international journey? You will travel more comfortably, easily and often faster. In the Year of the International Train we thought it was worth considering! From Amsterdam you can travel to Oberhausen in less than 2 hours with ICE International for as little as € 19. To Lyon, it takes 5h43m for just € 73 one-way.


A tip for all those who would like to experience all the adventure that we’ve had to miss during corona: book an Interrail holiday! Age doesn't matter for this flexible way of travelling. With a mobile pass, you can easily travel through no less than 33 European countries. You can buy the pass online as early as 11 months in advance, without selecting a travel period. You just activate the pass the moment you know for sure when you want to travel. Enjoy the having something to look forward to!

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Flexible booking

It seems that we are still living in uncertain times. We think it is important that you can rebook tickets easily and free of charge if the situation so requires. That is why, together with our partners, we have temporarily eased the conditions for rebooking many fares. This allows you to change booked tickets for many fares free of charge. This also applies to journeys you book in the coming year.

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Other train news

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From beautiful cities to natural parks, caves and castles. We understand why the Dutch TV programme 'Wie is de Mol' chose the Czech Republic this year.

Train travel guidelines and rules per country

Train travel guidelines and rules per country

Night train postponed to 2021

The start of the daily night train service from Amsterdam to Innsbruck and Vienna is postponed to 2021.

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