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Travel quickly to big German cities

  • Comfortable seats
  • Power outlets at your seat
  • Carriages with work areas

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Comfortable to Germany

ICE International offers excellent services tailored to the needs of business travelers who want to get extra work done while travelling or simply want to relax. Travelling by train will help you make efficient use of your travel time. There are special working carriages in which meetings can be held. 1st class passengers have access to the NS International and DB lounges at the stations. With ICE International you can travel quickly to German cities such as Dusseldorf, Cologne and Frankfurt.

Tip! Order an NS Business Card for even greater ease of travel.

ICE 1st class

  • Seat reservation included in your ticket*
  • Seat with adjustable back in a carriage with a middle or side aisle
  • Free German newspapers
  • 46 centimetres legroom
  • Access to the NS International and DB Lounges
  • Free to change date or cancel tickets

Travel times with ICE International

Destination From Amsterdam From Utrecht From Arnhem
Frankfurt 3.55 hrs 3.21 hrs 2.44 hrs
Cologne 2.38 hrs 2.13 hrs 1.36 hrs
Dusseldorf 2.12 hrs 1.47 hrs 1.10 hrs

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