Vanaf € 25

Trein naar Leuven

Naar Leuven met Intercity Brussel en Thalys

Snel naar hartje Leuven

  • Vanaf € 25* enkele reis met Intercity Brussel
  • Vanaf € 37* enkele reis met Thalys
  • Reistijd Amsterdam - Leuven 3.09 uur Intercity Brussel
  • Reistijd Amsterdam - Leuven 2.47 uur Thalys

De voordelen van reizen met de trein

  • Direct instappen, geen inchecktijd
  • Comfortabele zitplaatsen
  • Aankomst in hartje stad
  • Online geen reserveringskosten
  • Travel information

    Travel information Leuven

    You can choose to make the journey with Thalys or Intercity Brussels. In Antwerp or Mechelen you can change trains and catch a domestic train to the heart of Leuven. Choose which train to Leuven meets your needs the best.

    Travel with Intercity Brussels Travel with Thalys
    No reservation required Fast and comfortable travel to Belgium
    Flexibility: easily take a train earlier or later Reserved seats
    Discount with your “NS abonnement” Early booking = lowest prices
    Early Bird tickets when you book in advance* Shortest travel time
    *You can book an Early Bird ticket up until 7 days before departure
    For a complete travel itinerary, consult our itinerary planner.

    Shorter travel time for Intercity Brussels from Amsterdam

    Passengers who want to travel faster from Amsterdam to Belgium and do not mind changing trains an extra time, may travel with an Intercity Brussels ticket on an Intercity direct train for the route Amsterdam-Rotterdam. You do not need a supplement ticket, your international ticket for Intercity Brussels is sufficient.

  • Prices

    Prices train tickets Leuven

    There are different types of Thalys rates each with related prices. Train ticket prices for Intercity Brussels depend on the time of booking and travel. Book at least 7 days before departure and you will travel for the best price anywhere in Belgium.

    The price of Thalys depends on

    • The moment of booking - Early booking means lowest prices
    • Travel class - 1st or 2nd class
    • Flexibility - Regarding rebooking and cancellations

    Options flexibility Thalys


    • Bargain tickets
    • Limited rebooking
    • Subject to availability


    • Change possible
    • 50% refund
    • Sufficient available


    • Rebooking free of charge
    • Cancellation free of charge
    • Always available
    Prices Intercity Brussels to Leuven
    Flex rate Discount on NS route Free travel NS route Flex rate Discount on NS route Free travel NS route
    2nd class 1st class
    One-way trip € 48,40 € 37,30 € 20,60 € 77,20 € 59,00 € 31,60
    Early bird week € 25,00 -- € 10,50 € 35,00 -- € 14,50
    Early bird weekend* € 33,00 -- € 14,00 € 47,00 -- € 19,50

    *Early Bird can be booked up to 7 days before departure. Listed from-prices are based on tickets from Amsterdam Central Station. The price of Intercity Brussels is based on kilometres – if you depart form a station that is closer to Leuven, then the trip is cheaper.

  • Lowest rates

    Book in advance and save money

    Thalys tickets to Leuven can be booked up to 4 months in advance. The sooner you book, the lower the rate.

    General tips for getting the cheapest Intercity Brussels tickets

    For Intercity Brussels you can buy tickets from 180 days before departure. Up until 7 days before departure, you are able to buy our Early Bird tickets: tickets with a significant discount, especially when you travel on week days (Monday-Tuesday).

    General tips for getting the Thalys cheapest tickets

    • Book as early as possibly to have the most chance of getting the cheapest tickets.
    • Travelling in the evening is often cheaper.
    • For a weekend getaway, travel Sat-Sun-Mon instead of Fri-Sat-Sun.
    • Book online to avoid booking fee.

  • Practical information

    Practical information

    To make your trip that much easier, we have summed up certain practical issues for you.

    Facilities on board the train

    We gladly inform you about all facilities on board so that you can make your journey more comfortable. .

    Read all about the facilities and practical issues of Thalys
    Read all about the facilities and practical issues of Intercity Brussels

    Changing trains in Antwerp or Mechelen

    With Thalys you need to travel to Antwerp and with Intercity Brussels to Mechelen and take a domestic train to Leuven.

    View the itinerary planner

    Please keep in mind that there could be delays or engineering works and check your trip with the itinerary planner. That way, you will never get an unpleasant surprise!

    Download the app

    Download our app so that you will be kept informed of the possible changes.

    Free access to the lounges

    If you have a 1st class ticket, you can enjoy a free drink at the NS International Lounge in Amsterdam, Schiphol Airport and Rotterdam.


Vanaf € 25

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*Bovenstaande prijzen zijn berekend vanaf Amsterdam Centraal. De prijs van Intercity Brussel is op basis van de te reizen kilometers; vertrekt u vanaf een station dat dichterbij Leuven ligt, dan is de reis goedkoper. Alle tarieven zijn op basis van de van toepassing zijnde tariefvoorwaarden.