Travel time becomes quality time on the train

What would you do if you had no direct obligations for more than three hours on your way to a destination within Europe? Business passengers want to make the best use of their precious time. Especially on the way there, according to research. And that is exactly why more and more are choosing to travel by train. After all, you are given every opportunity to use your travel time for business purposes.

The international train is fully equipped: you have legroom, electricity, internet and above all a lot of time to get work done. Or the time to just do nothing at all. No waiting times, no long check-in times, no hassle with luggage, no traffic jams and no searching for parking space. All this, while arriving in the heart of the city; rested, on time and well-prepared for your first meeting.

Popular business destinations

Lounging at the station?

The NS International Lounges – Regus provides a nice start of an (international) train journey.

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Travel time

On the way to that business meeting abroad, you don't have to do anything. But in our comfortable high-speed trains, you could do anything.

'The international train gives me complete focus.'

We asked Green Tickets founder Jeppe Bijker on his way to Berlin what travel time means to him.

‘Outbound journey is for work, return trip for relaxation’

Research agency MetrixLab has conducted a survey among 200 international business travellers on how they spend their travel time. Curious?

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