Recordomzet Eurostar in derde kwartaal 2018

Fast forward to Frankfurt

Suppose you want to go to Frankfurt, then you would be smart to travel with ICE. This is faster and more comfortable than travelling by car or plane. No traffic jams, no speed cameras, no fines, no searching for expensive parking spaces, no queues and no lack of legroom.

If you want to travel relaxed, the train is a breath of fresh air. This certainly applies to trips of no more than 700 km. This, therefore, includes Frankfurt. Travelling by train usually turns out to be the quickest way because you arrive in the heart of the city – or if you prefer – at the airport.

Whether you are going to Frankfurt for a city getaway or business trip, you always want to arrive rested and well-prepared; ready to explore the city, ready for your meeting. Stretch your legs, plug in your laptop, read your email, watch a movie, or do nothing while you fast forward the passing landscape at 300 km an hour.

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