Educational travelogues

On this page you will find travelogues of educational trips.

Educational trip Brussels

For us, the weekend started at 17:00 hours at our office in The Hague. Quite an operation, because almost all colleagues went with us to Brussels. After a short ride with the Intercity, we first arrived in Rotterdam at the originally Belgian Ellis Burgers restaurant, for a delicious dinner together with Arletta from NS International. After the delicious burgers, it was time for our trip by Thalys to Brussels, the city many of our customers travel to on a daily basis. Our trip in the spacious second class was fine and after about an hour we arrived at Brussels Midi, where Vicky and Benjamin from NH Hotels were waiting for us. After our arrival, they escorted us to the taxis, which took us to the beautiful 4* NH Collection Brussels Centre. This NH hotel is located just on the outskirts of the historic centre of Brussels, and can easily be reached on foot or by taxi. At the hotel we were welcomed with a delicious drink and snacks. And even though our large and bright hotel rooms looked inviting enough to pop down right away, many colleagues went into town for a drink in Delerium; a must-visit in Brussels for the genuine beerlover. "Oep aa bakkes, or Santé".

On Saturday, there was a scavenger hunt with Wave City Events. In small groups, with a map and a mobile at hand, we crossed the Grand Place along Manneke Pis, through the palace gardens and the narrow streets of beautiful Brussels (always straight ahead!). On the way, all colleagues had to carry out assignments and answer original questions, which everyone enjoyed! The tour ended with a delicious 3-course lunch at the NH Brussels Centre. This hotel is located just outside the ring road of Brussels, close to the European district. After a site inspection, we continued to the NH Grand Place Arenberg (near Mokafe, where you can eat the best waffles in Brussels), for a tour and a coffee with some goodies. After the tour and coffee, everyone had the rest of the afternoon off, to rest for the night to come or to shop around the Grand Place.

On Sunday morning all colleagues could sleep in. At many NH hotels you can even check out until 15:00 on Sunday, but that was not necessary for us. At 13:00 we were in the 1st class of the Thalys towards the Netherlands. We were well taken care of during the trip, including lunch and drinks, as far as we were concerned the trip could have lasted even longer!

We would like to thank Benjamin (for some also Alfredo) and Vicky from NH Hotels for the nice weekend, and of course Arletta from NS International should not be forgotten. Thank you very much for a great weekend! All colleagues look back on this trip to Brussels positively. Entirely in style, we would like to end this message in Brussels; ballekes en tot gauw!
Sebastiaan Meijndert VCK Travel

Day trip Paris

"Not hindered by power cuts, ’not in the mood' or forgotten passports, we will take a 2nd class Thalys trip to Paris on Thursday 15 June, with 1st class care in the form of café et croissants by Eveline from NS International and Kelvin from Sunny Cars. After three hours of pleasant relaxation in a southerly direction we arrive at a sun-drenched Gare du Nord.

After a short visit to the car rental companies sur place five 2CV's with open roofs are waiting for us invitingly. A layout is quickly made en on y va! Yves - full-time Parisien and part-time friseur - is the driver of our car and guides us through the busy Thursday morning chaos in a two hour experience exceptional. "Oh-la-la!" is a much-heard cry on the road and despite trucks blocking the route, broken indicators, red traffic lights ignored by fellow road users, Yves puts on a French-English stand-up comedian show. We participate in the show and regularly stand upright in our convertible enjoying the wonders and special roads you wouldn't normally drive on. Via a bus lane James Bond takes an exit, cutting off a police car, and a little later we are passing characteristic houseboats on a clinker quay near the Seine. Wow!

Via the highlights of Paris such as Notre Dame, the Louvre, Dôme des Invalides and Pont Neuf, we arrive at La Tour Eiffel where the group feeling is captured. The inside man needs to be taken care of, so we head for our establishment cafe RUC where wine and water are consumed during a delicious lunch. We are stuffed but there is room for free time and entertainment of your choice. Some go explore Paris on their own. The rest of the group is more in favour of drinking beer, wine and playing together in the park. There we form a circle of trust by confiscating some chairs and setting them in the shade of some trees. The birds are whistling. Not a care in the world and chatting about Sunny Cars and other things in life, we enjoy a drink. There is laughter and you learn something too: Voulez-vous kakke avec moi?

By subway, we travel to the Thalys lounge at Gare du Nord where we freshen up for the return journey. The first class in the form of a snack, drink and dinner tastes good to us. Tired but satisfied, I roll into bed with a big smile in the evening, after having once again enjoyed Kelvin's musical cinematographic masterpiece in the group app "Paris 2017". Life is beautiful!

Sunnycars, NS International and travel companions: thank you. à bientôt!" - Carl Vissers