Beste deals

Best deals

Some things you cannot get enough of. Because of the great popularity we have some new Train & Hotel deals for you. Besides the promotional price, these are the five main reasons why a city trip should start on the train:

  1. Arrival in the heart of the city
  2. No traffic jams, no problems parking
  3. Phoning and surfing the internet while travelling
  4. No bagage fees, no hassel
  5. Travel with lots of legroom

In short, every reason to choose the train for a city trip!

What deals?

There is already a 2-day train & hotel package Antwerp from € 89. But there are also nice packages to Berlin, Paris and London. The selected hotels each have a minimum hotel rating of 7.5 and are located within walking distance of public transport. These Train & Hotel packages have been put together with De Jong Intra Vakanties, TUI, Kras and the Treinreiswinkel.

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