Meet our team B-to-B

Who are we?

NS International's B-to-B team is ready to make your job as an agent easier. Think of up-to-date sales information, fun travel news and the latest developments in the train industry. How can we help you?

Annemarie Ariesen

Manager Business to Business
Ambassador of B-to-B

"Enthusiastic, ambitious and eager to learn."

I like to: travel, enjoy gastronomic pleasures, go shopping, read, go sloop sailing, collect information online.

Arletta van Alteren

Senior Account Manager Business Travel
For business travel agents and corporate clients

"Social, driven and solution-oriented."

I like to: play tennis, travel, go shopping, read, go out with my family, eat Indonesian and Moroccan food.

Caroline Bik

Account Manager Leisure Travel & Communication B-to-B
For tour operators and communication B-to-B

"Motivated, flexible and energetic."

I like to: play tennis, go sailing, ski/snowboard, travel and read.

Simone Raanhuis

Account Manager Business Travel
For corporate customers, online and business travel agents en new business

"Loyal, motivated and enthusiastic."

I like to: go out boating, ski, paddle, stand along the soccer and field hockey field and encourage my children, have spontaneous drinks, travel.

Annelies Post

Quality co-ordinator
I check and investigate what improvements are possible

"Accurate, inquisitive and sincere."

I like to: sing, ski, read, do fun things with my family, go for a run.

Eveline Wartenberg

Account Manager
For business travel agents, retail chains and independent travel consultants

"Engaged, accurate and reliable."

I like to: cook, travel, play sports, spend time with friends and family.

Els Huurman

Support Business to Business
Support account managers and contact person for travel agents

"Helpful, well-informed and efficient."

I like to do this: doing fun things with my children, walking (preferably with a dog), reading, cooking, eating and drinks & dinners with friends.

Anita Graveland

Support Business to Business
Support account managers and contact person for travel agents

"Upbeat, organised and service-minded."

I like to: listen to music, visit concerts, organise living room concerts at home, watch my kids' basketball matches.

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